Buckfast Marken Foundation represents a group of beekeepers who have for a long time been breeding a special species of bees, called the Buckfast bee. A breeding station is used to maintain the purity of this type of bee, thus improving its qualities.

Since the beginning of the nineties, there is a breeding station for Buckfast bees in Marken. The station to breed Buckfast queens is momentarily managed by the Buckfast Marken Foundation. According to the General Local Byelaw, only the Buckfast Marken Foundation is granted permission to keep the bees in Marken.

Marken is one of the few places in the Netherlands where pure-bred artificial insemination can be realised. The breeding station is isolated because water surrounds it. The station is located near the Horse of Marken lighthouse on the peninsula. The location, the design of the breeding station and, last but not least, the dedication of the many volunteers at our foundation, make this not only a unique but by now a renowned Buckfast breeding station.

Among other many desired traits, we breed the Buckfast queens foremost for their gentleness. Besides that, they have a disinclination to swarm. In general, they hibernate well, are healthy and - which is very important to many beekeepers - they can collect a lot of honey. These and other popular traits makes the Buckfast bee an excellent bee to keep in urbanised areas, because they cause a minimum of nuisance to neighbours around. A tip top urban bee!

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Latest news

The bees, as shown here on the picture, are from our foundation. Even our King Willem-Alexander now knows that Buckfast bees are gentle.
(Picture: Joost Huijsing)

Marken Island seen from above. This clearly shows the island is surrounded completely by water. Tests have shown that no other drones come to the island.

One of the first VSH queens.