Buckfast Queens Sale

To a limited extent, Buckfast Marken Foundation sells Buckfast queens (no F1’s). They are high-quality queens; high-quality that we guarantee.

Every queen sent is accompanied by an indemnity insurance for companies (AVB) statement as well as a Certificate of Authenticity, which states the date of birth and pedigree of the queen sent. All our queens are branded with a certain colour coding. In addition, a manual to easily import the queen is added.

1. Island instrumental insemination Buckfast Marken queens (bred in 2017)

These queens form the cornerstone of our cultivation. They are artificially inseminated with sperm of selected drones from the isolated island of Marken. The island inseminated queens form the basis for our selection for the following generations, and they can easily be used to produce F1 queens. We use them to ensure a greater diversity within our line and combination cultivation.

2. island instrumental insemination Buckfast Marken queens

These are one-year-old island inseminated queens, preselected in the spring. Wintered queens guarantee a good start of the season and are eminently suitable to produce F1 queens. (Limited availability.)

We send our queens in an envelope with a Nicot cage, via the normal mail delivery system, unless otherwise has been agreed upon in writing.

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You can also send an e-mail to:

Displayed in the background are our drone colonies in Dadant-sized beehives. In the summer, the drones are kept in two brood chambers. To the left are copies of the breeding chambers painted in their original colours as a tribute to Brother Adam.


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